Friday, August 20, 2010

Food! Food! Glorious Healthful, Food!

Makes me sound like a glutton, doesn't it? I swear I'm really not that bad! I just get so excited when I discover something new that connects with my veganism. In this case, a fabulous supermarket called The Big Carrot. No, it's not as phallic as the name might imply...perverts.

So what's so great about this place? Well imagine floors made out of organically grown, cruelty-free diamonds, windows made of the finest European glass and shelves made out of solid gold! Okay, that's not so much true...BUT it's almost that good. Like any supermarket you have your deli and meat section, dairy section, alternative dairy and meat section, dry foods, fruits and vegetables and other stuff (including but not limited to: cleaning supplies, toilet paper, personal hygiene products, etc.) But this place is even better! They have a macrobiotics* food section. Ever seen one of those? ... Me neither. But this place has it. Also, everything they sell (according to the Greenpeace Shopper's Guide to GMO-Free Foods, which The Big Carrot can take partial credit for assembly) is Genetically Modified Organism(GMO)-Free and they have one of the largest selections of organic foods I have ever seen. I will later be posting more about GMOs as I do more research into such an important topic (really, what's more important than something you put in your body every single day?). But moving on, if you're in Toronto, The Big Carrot located on Danforth Avenue is, one of many places, you need to see. Mere words cannot describe how wonderful this place is... did I mention there was an organic juice bar next to it? Or how about a fairly large area dedicated to personal hygiene products, homeopathic remedies and other natural remedies, make-up, shampoos, lotions, conditioners, natural deodorants, etc.? Or that there is also a hot food sit-down area? Plus if you're stumped about what the heck GMOs are or are curious about natural remedies, there's both a well-stocked (for a grocery store!) book section and a desk where you can go and ask an expert questions to your heart's content. I guess you'll know where I'll be chilling out now. Check out their website, The Big Carrot's mission statement pretty much covers what they're all about, but it's no substitute for visiting the real thing.

"The greatest strength of The Big Carrot is the accumulated knowledge and experience of its Members and Staff. Our broad based, co-operative approach to research into healthy, organic food production and the implementation of exacting standards within the store has evolved over 26 years of searching for nature’s finest. A vital element to our continued success is our commitment to education. We believe in sharing our knowledge and experience with our customers and providing them with the tools they need to make informed, healthy choices. To further these goals we direct your attention to our policies regarding these issues of concern; Genetically Engineered Organisms (please visit, Social Justice, Fair Trade, Sustainable Seafood and Animal Welfare. "

*Macrobiotics are defined as "...a practical approach to diet; it has philosophical richness; it is scientifically sound; it is socially responsible; it is humanly compassionate, environmentally sound. A diet centered around whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruit benefits our personal health and the health of the environment. Planetary ecology begins in the kitchen."

From the Psychology of Health: In Pursuit of Wellness by Sean Egan
Professor at Ottawa University, Brown & Benchmark Publishers"

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