Tuesday, October 19, 2010

new vegan products....

So I've been dying to re-try miso soup in hopes that I would learn to like it... Turns out while it's now awful, I really don't care all that much for it. So much for that! I liked the miso itself and even the tofu (I really like tofu) but the "sea vegetables" aka seaweed (in my case, wakami) was really hard to make myself eat. Now I've got all this sitting in my fridge and well, not much else at the moment. I have to go grocery shopping.

The other 'vegan'--and well to be honest, it's not a specially made vegan product, I don't think, but it work for vegans because it's animal-free!-- thing I've tried is agave. Now, I've tried agave before but it's expensive so I don't buy it. Honey, though not vegan, is cheaper I've found, and easier to find at most stores. At least at the little cheapie market around the corner and down the street from my house. :P So maybe there is some laziness there at times, but really, sometimes public transit just doesn't appeal. But since I just got paid and my school loan, I finally feel free! I went on a grocery trip last week to celebrate! And one of the things I bought was a small container or agave. Can I just say: nom nom! It's lovely in coffee! So that's my story! :) But I still can't let go of honey... I truly believe it's a healthful food item. One side note on agave...I have read conflicting articles about how healthful it is...the one I've linked is of particular interest, though I am not a raw foodist. Thoughts?

Also! Before I forget, I made petit fours for my family's Thanksgiving dinner! It was sort of outshone by the richer, more decadent chocolate and caramel cheesecake and non-vegan pumpkin pie. But they were pretty good, I gotta say. Although, if I made them again, I'd probably put them in smaller muffin treys; I used the big ones and they just looked like cupcakes that didn't rise. :/ That is my epic failure as a baker! Sad, sad day for vegan everywhere; they're crying now. But I looooved the ganache! Oui mes amis, I made vegan ganache. I will show pictures when I get them (my uncle took those photos for me seeing as my camera's rather useless at the moment); just gonna say, ganache = heavenly. I highly recommend! And it was a simple recipe I found online involving semi-sweet dairy-free chocolate chips, Earth Balance buttery spread and soy milk.

Well, 'til next time!

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