Tuesday, November 30, 2010

new restaurant experience!

Hello internet-world! :)

I hope you are well and enjoying the change in season. Here in Toronto it's flip-flopping between -2 and 5 degrees (approx.), grey and rainy. Ick. At least there are still leaves on the ground.

So I went on a date (eeeee!!!! I squee!), and we went to this fabulous vegan gourmet restaurant called fressen. Wow. Just gotta say, wow. It was seriously one of the best meals I've eaten in...gosh, I don't know how long. And best of all, no unpleasant stomach pains or anything else that comes with eating dairy when one is lactose intolerant!

Since there are no pictures available on the website, here are descriptions of what my date and I had.

  • Appetizer: "Sliced shiitake and crimini mushrooms mixed with shredded spinach in cashew cream wrapped in a filo pastry puff."
  • Main course: "Rice flour wrapped squash ravioli with basil and creamed sesame butter, sautéed with leeks and basil in a tomato and olive oil sauce."
  • Dessert: It was basically chocolate mousse surrounded by chunks of chocolate and fruit.
  • Drink: A lychee martini.

The presentation was absolutely beautiful; very rare for me to see! :) So I highly HIGHLY recommend checking this place out.

Also, on a personal note, my date went amazingly well.

So if you're on Queen Street West, check out fressen. You won't regret it. And lastly, smile and enjoy life readers!