Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to the Breath

Recently I've become more aware of my destructive nature. I procrastinate, I have addictions and I am quite lazy. I spoke to my dear friend who often reads my tarot cards for me (when I need it) and they were quite clear about how I really needed to clear away these addictions in order for me to grow. I also have to accept myself completely in order to find my own personal joy.

I love yoga. Vegan and yoga make sense together. Being vegan is about giving the body the best food it can receive and helping to defend those (especially animals) who cannot defend themselves against cruelty and injustice. Yoga is about being in tune with the body, emotions and spirit and bringing about positive change into one's own life; it is also giving but to the self. Although that may seem counter-intuitive to veganism, if one can take proper care of herself, she can take proper care of others around her. Being generous to the self (to a reasonable degree) allows one to be generous to others. We can't be dependent on others to ensure our own mental and physical health. We were given one body and we have to treat it right.

I found this article about yoga spoke to me about this very issue. As a writer (who is more often than not blocked, procrastinating, etc.), it is essential to get out of my head and become more aware of my action and inaction.

Everyday upon rising it is important to take a few deep breaths to connect back to the inner self and nature and ask our own intuition what we need to do for ourselves. It can be a small thing like meditating, making a list, or simply enjoying nature, or a big thing like completing a goal or unfinished project, giving back to the community, etc. Giving can be very soothing but remember to give back to the self, not in an overly indulgent sense, but in a way that it helps you to move forward or even get through a difficulty or mundane.